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Life is the coffee, while jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life, and do not change the quality of life.

Happy New Year To You, Happy Birthday To Me

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Happy new year everyone! I wish you all a pleasant & productive year ahead. How was your new year celebration? I hope you enjoyed it.

As the new year comes, I’d like to thank 2015 for all the hardships and challenges it brought into my life. It was a very rough year on so many levels, but hey, anything that doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger. Oh, at least one awesome thing happened in 2015. I did scuba diving, with my mom! Yeay!

As for me, every new year is special because it is also my birthday. Yes, it’s true that I’d rather see the date as a number that marks my birth 30-something years ago. However, I haven’t been doing anything special. The last time I remember celebrating my birthday with a party was when I turned 17, my mom and my brother came all the way from Papua for this occasion. Years after that, sometimes friends and family members got me a cake or other food to celebrate. As we grow older, birthday celebration does not always mean cutting a cake and blowing some candles.

This year I celebrate my birthday with my loved ones. Both my parents are here and my daughters as well. Even though my dad is struggling with some health issues, he manages to spare this special day with an okay condition. At least he feels fit enough to go out. We plan to eat out later today, at a place that my mom will choose for us. I don’t mind eating at any place as long as I am with them, that is what matters most.

I hope 2016 brings all of us joy and happiness, loads of success and prosperity. I wish to write another movie, another novel, do yoga everyday and above all I’ve promised to help my elder daughter to slim down a little bit.  What’s your new year wish?



Penulis: Swastika Nohara

I'm a freelance content and script writer for movies, television, commercials and internet-related content. With a team, I also do documentaries, video tutorial, video presentation and corporate video. I'm based in Jakarta but eager to travel anywhere on earth. For me, life is like a cup of coffee. Life is the coffee while jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain life, and do not change the quality of life. Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee provided…. So, don’t let the cups drive you, enjoy the coffee instead!

25 thoughts on “Happy New Year To You, Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to you, Mbak Tika!
    Semoga makin nambah film2 dari scriptnya Mbak Tika yang keren di 2016. 😀

    Klo saya di 2016, mau nyelesein project startup yang di 2015 lalu masih jadi sekadar bahan brainstorming aja. Semoga! Haha

  2. My new year celebration was plain simple, just joyride alone with motorbike to Abepura and watching fireworks for 90 minutes. No liquor like yesteryear, although still had booze party with inner circle on weekend. :mrgreen:
    2016 wish is still a bit complicated: more date and more kopdar. I don’t want to meet you just every 5 years mbak. Haha.. 😛

  3. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Tika

  4. Happy New Year 2016 kak Tika! Not only wishing, I will be happier in 2016. 🙂
    Semoga kita semua selalu berkelimpahan kebahagiaan ya..

    Oh, and now that both of my parents are gone.. maybe it’s not the most right thing for me to say here, but I just want to give a gentle reminder to everyone.. cherish your moments with your parents. 🙂

    Have a great year in 2016!

  5. Selamat Ulang tahun dan selamat tahun baru ya mbak 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Mba Tika and Happy New Year too

  7. Selamat tahun baru dan selamat ulang tahun, Sabai. Semoga 2016 lebih istimewa dari taun kemarin yaaaa… :*

  8. Happy new year en happy birthday mbaaaa, 😘🎉🎉🎉🎆🎆
    Sehat sehat terus, dan semoga tahun ini lebih berkah lagi aamiin

    Hmmm klo my wishes…
    Semoga usaha yg dijalani lancar Aamiin

  9. Happy birthday. Happy new year, have a great years in front of you.

    My new year wish doing something foolish, something creative and something generous everyday.

  10. Happy birthday Mbak Tikaaaa. Semoga selalu cemerlang dan diberi rezeki teruuus. 😀

  11. Selamat tahun baru dan selamat ulang tahun! Semoga tahun ini penuh berkah dan semakin mengembangkan diri kita masing-masing ya Tika 🙂

  12. Happy New Year and Happy thirty something Birthday juga mbak Tika…

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